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All our Mats and Panels are anti-static. What causes that the dust does not settle on them, in addition, each panel is protected by the implementation of an antistatic fluid. If it happens that heavier dust will settle on them, simply wipe the leaves with a dusting roller or use compressed air.

Before proceeding with the assembly, we recommend that the surface on which the Green Designers mats will be installed is painted black. This eliminates the possibility of possible gaps in the mat structure and adds depth to the products.


Regarding the assembly itself, there are several ways depending on the ground on which we will be assembling.

If the surface is sufficiently soft as OSB or GK board, it is enough to use a tacker (upholsterer stapler) for assembly and nailed the net on which the mat is to the wall.


However, if the wall is too hard, use wall plugs and hang the mats properly connected on the pins.

You can also mount on the wall any board - GK, MDF, HDF, OSB and only assemble the mats one at a time.

It is also possible to order a comprehensive service with assembly. For more information, please contact us via the form or directly at biuro@green-designers.pl

After prior agreement of the order details with the customer and prefabrication of orders, a diagram is created in the branch of our company and individual panels are numbered. In this way, it is well known where to mount each element, so as to obtain a coherent composition of artificial plants. Due to the lightweight design of the product, we recommend the use of assembly glue in addition to the time of drying, we suggest securing the panels with screws.


It is also possible to order a comprehensive service with assembly. For more information, please contact us via the form or directly at biuro@green-designers.pl

Due to the material from which our vertical gardens are made, they are resistant to weather conditions. In highly sunny places we recommend the use of products with UV certificates that will prevent any fading of the product.

The order delivery time is highly dependent on the nature of the order. All mats, if they are in stock, can be shipped within a few days. If we are talking about Panels, depending on the size of the green wall, prefabrication takes at least 10 working days. Each time the implementation period is set individually, because in the case of very large orders or a tight schedule of work, this time may be longer.

All you have to do is send us an e-mail back to you within 14 days of receiving the goods. Further procedure will be sent by email.

The panels are made to order, which requires individual reconciliation of the size and proportions of the artificial vertical garden. Panels that are located in our online store is an example composition, the character of each of them we are able to transfer to the surface agreed with the client. It is also possible to combine the compositions by prior arrangement by email or telephone. There is also the possibility of designing an individual green wall, tailored to the client's needs.


Mats are modular fragments of an elastic mesh in the dimensions of 60 x 40 cm composed of 1-4 kinds of leaves. Each piece of a given product consists of the same elements, thanks to which you can cover any surface in a simple and quick way. The grid on which the Mats are made can be cut even with scissors.

We invite you to our Showroom at 19 Jesionowa Street in Zalesie Górne near Warsaw. There are both examples of Mat and Panels from our offer. Throughout the country, there are also realizations using our products. Call or write to us to learn more.


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